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And how it’s co$ting you money…

Some things get better with age…a delicious sultry bordeaux wine, an ultra smooth brandy, an aged gouda or a parmigianno-reggiano cheese. Paired with exciting compliments, or as stand alones, they fascinate, and transport one’s taste buds into sublime satisfaction. Though a distant world from cuisine, Facebook was having quite an opposite effect on its’ customers’ taste buds, “bitter with frustration”, due to loss of revenues. After deftly responding to Top CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers), “tastes” for a stronger advertising platform, post I.P.O., Facebook responded and delivered, and in effect, “aged” its’ own ad platform. It’s quite wonderful to experience Facebook’s “Coming Of Age” season on the digital marketing landscape, giving Google, a serious run for its’ money, and reason to look over its’ shoulder. For all its’ new virile strength, businesses are missing out on the feast which Facebook has prepared. That’s expensive, and it’s co$ting customers and revenue to your bottomline.

Because of Facebook’s high likability/consumed quotient, ie. “always on” portability, of user’s phones, computers and tablets, the sheer vastness of its customer pool world-wide is ripe with infinite possibility and opportunity for business growth. Facebook improved its’ ad units, made major improvements in targeting, and maximized the power of viral sharing–which, by itself, creates buzz and traffic which business owners don’t pay for. Marketplace ads will be larger and therefore will perform with higher click-through rates, increase engagement and provide an altogether superior user experience. Within the past six months or so, there have been improvements to understanding and accessing the demographic, geographic and psychographic data facebook collects, demonstrating user “likes”, actions, and not to mention, the Viral Sharing component, which as I stated gives an edge and even feasible alternative to Google.


Facebook ads are now segmented much stronger in their Targeting Tools. Facebook has always been used for Interest Targeting, the primary method, since it was launched, and focuses primarily on pages which are similar, ie. competitor pages, places, communities, which identify things people like and interact with, targeting those users and fans. The power in this is, say someone has a similar business to ours or a similar marketing offer, you can target people who “Like” those pages, and turn them into customers. (Nothing really new there-yet always effective).


“The Secret Sauce” is in looking at two other types of targeting now available on Facebook, which became available quite recently. They have added Demographic Targeting, which allows you to layer onto Interest targeting, whereby one can add on items such as Net Worth, Household Composition, (Single, Married, etc.), Neighborhood. Not only does this serve in matching up products to services, yet also aids in tailoring ad copy and ad creatives, to make ads really resonate with your target audience. Lastly, there is Behavior Targeting–which tracks purchase behaviors, and is possibly even MORE POWERFUL than Demographic Targeting. Imagine you could track type of credit card types, ie. Luxury Department stores or Bank Cards or Cash Buyers (remember them?). Do they purchase online or off? What do they buy and how often? Now you are creating a Super targeted audience on what people are specifically interested in. The truth is, “Facebook is creating the biggest online identity database and the most powerful media-targeting engine ever known.” (I told you Facebook prepared a veritable FEAST!).

So how does one digest all of this rich food, and where’s your piece of the pie?

1. Be Attractive! Bright colors (Hot Pinks & Reds & Greens) and interesting images draw attention away from the monotonous blue and white of Facebook’s page scheme.

2. Be Smart! Collect your data.

3. Be Creative! Use Facebook’s Advanced Campaign tools, ie’ Retargeting (just like Google’s Remarketing), where your ad follows them until they convert and finally, create Custom Audiences from email lists of your previous prospects or customers.

4. Be Generous! Make your prospects “an offer they can’t refuse”. Bon appetit!

What questions have you got regarding Facebook’s newest additions to its’ platform? Feel free to leave questions below, or private message me.

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This is a guest post from Daphne Marina, 180fusion Web Content Coordinator

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @daphnemarina

Sources: Mike Rosa, Director of Marketing -180fusion, 180fusion University webinar may be found at – discussing Facebook Ads Platform, and Dan Kaplan – “Facebook 202X: How it Becomes the Multitool For the Modern Totalitarian, Part 1”