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How to Create a Blog and Make the Most Out of It

How to Create a BlogWeb logs, or blogs as they’re commonly known, have been around almost as long as the World Wide Web itself. Blogs have given people a whole new way to share their thoughts, ideas, events, pictures and so on with friends, family and also total strangers, making new friends along the way. Even if one doesn’t write much, one could easily create a blog filled with pictures and video and let them do the talking, as it were. If you have been interested in creating a blog but aren’t sure how, we’ll show you what you need to create a blog easily.

First, any blog needs a theme, even if it’s just random ramblings. You need to figure out what you’ll be discussing on your blog, be it politics, religion, pop culture or anything in between. Readers like consistency, so if you pick a theme — even if it covers many sub themes — you need to stick with it. If you want to cover many topics, you can also create different blogs for each topic.

Secondly, you need to choose your blogging platform, of which there are many, both free and paid. Free blogging platforms include:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Livejournal

And many others, but those are the biggest. While each have their plusses and minuses, we’d have to recommend WordPress overall for its constant security updates, ease of use and vibrant community support. However, if you wish to pay to host your own blog, you can install WordPress (or other blog platforms) that way as well, if you wish to have full control over your own blog.

Once you’ve chosen your theme and your platform, it’s time to set a writing schedule. It could be multiple times a day, once a day, every other day or something like that. Again, maintaining consistency is very important for you and your readers.

These should give you just a few pointers on how to create a blog for yourself and use it to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Blogs are a great way to keep in touch with people, make new friends, and even monetize traffic if you get enough of it.

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