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Google Launches Authorship Markup and Search

Google apparently wants to make it easier for web-based content authors to mark their content, and users to find this content based on the author who wrote it. According to their Inside Search blog, they are introducing markup language that can identify an author of a piece, and include things like their bio, a photo and more. This allows authors to connect their content with specific locations on the web (i.e. such as a New York Times author) as well as users to find articles based on their favourite authors.

So far outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNET, Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker and others are using this new markup in their pages so that users can find content based on the author, not just search terms. It’s another interesting way for Google to index the web and make it more useful for its users.

If you’re running a blogging website with authored content, this is not only a great tool for readers and authors, but it may end up creating a very interesting SEO tool, as well.

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