Blogging for Better Rankings

BloggingI have often considered leaving the West Coast to someplace where I can really experience the seasons, however, I have completely changed my mind as of this week. New York — 19 inches?! I’ll keep my beach and sunshine, thanks!

Thinking about many of our customers and friends suffering out there in this cold winter weather has got me thinking about how you can spend your time indoors being productive instead of wishing you were hanging out at the beach with me. How many of you would find it exhilarating to see your rankings skyrocket? Well, then – don’t beg for better rankings, people- blog for them! recently took a poll amongst small business owners and do you know what they discovered? 95% of their responders indicated that they were using blogs as a Search Engine Optimization tool. Are you?

It is no secret among serious Search Engine Optimizers that blogs are extremely critical for SEO, but just in case you haven’t already heard it, here is a small list of the benefits that come from corporate blogging:

  1. Link Building! If your blogs are engaging and relevant to your industry, then you will begin attracting inbound links and cross linking. When this happens, you begin to build a community of readers further increasing your crawl rate.
  2. Popularity! When you publish your blog on Social Media — links will naturally follow. Social Media is all about people sharing relevant information with other people. In addition to link building, Social Media sharing will naturally increase traffic to your corporate site.
  3. Authority! You will begin gaining credibility with other businesses and clients.

What do you think are 3 of the top things Google cares about when ranking a site? Quality and quantity of links to your blog/ website from reputable sources, popularity or amount of traffic you receive, and last but not least — credibility. All things that can be increased through blogging!

Blogging is not as simple as writing about what happened in the office that day. Successful bloggers have created a road map to success. Here are some helpful tips to think about when you are creating your blog.

  • Stick with what you know — your industry. Don’t blog about the latest fashion trends if you are a pet supply store. You will detract from your credibility.
  • Don’t just talk about yourself. Keep your readers interested but blogging about the latest industry news, case studies or other useful information.
  • Be yourself! The most successful business blogs have some personality. The amount of personality and whose personality is up to you, but if your content is stale or too corporate — you will suffer in the number of subscribers.
  • Provide something unique. This can be as simple as company news (new hires, new programs, etc) or more fun items.

Check out this blog: In addition to being known as the most on time airline out there, they are the best blogging one! They are engaging their customers in all types of ways while sticking to relevant posts that the Search Engines will enjoy. Oh, and they also fly to nice sunny locations like California where you can continue your blogging on the beach.

So, kick your winter blues to the curb by beginning a new blog or reinvesting in your existing blogs and watch your rankings benefit.

As a side note – now that you all understand what makes a blogger successful, how am I doing? Please be honest. I can take it.