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Blogger Adds a Tip Jar

Having a blog is one great way to promote your message, interact with your fans and customers, and generate relevant content and links for your website. The search engine’s love current and engaging content and so will your clients. A lot of people running a corporate site or a professional business site shy away from Adsense. I know some of my own clients have mentioned that they worry it will distract from the perceived quality of the site. With that being said, everyone wants to earn money and instant gratification can be really rewarding.

If you use Google’s Blogger platform for your blogging, you can now add one more way to generate revenue…a tip jar. It’s the online version of a fishbowl on a piano.  According to Blogger Buzz, you can now add a virtual tip jar to your Blogger website by signing up for a Google Checkout Merchant account and then simply adding a gadget to your website. This sounds like a simple and effective way to generate financial support for your writing beyond banners or Google’s AdSense.


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