5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating a Company Blog

Blogging is a critical component of any successful promotional strategy. As a business owner, you need to realize that without a powerful and well-designed blog, you will be unable to become an authority in your niche. Moreover, potential customers will be incapable of seeing you as friend who wants to help them, but might visualize you as a scam company who simply tries to trick them into buying its products.

The truth is that blogging as a business is one of the most cost-effective, efficient and easy ways to establish a personal connection with your customers and tell them that you really care about their needs. According to the latest stats, over 77% of all Internet users read at least one blog per month, while 63% read two or more blogs when searching for an answer to one of their questions. Moreover, small businesses that have a well-designed blog generate 126% more leads.

In order to enjoy the benefits of having a professionally-designed blog, it is imperative to do your best in order to avoid the 5 following common mistakes.
1. Wrong Design and Layout
Even if you might have a lot of valuable information to share, it is all futile if you choose the wrong layout. If your blog looks unprofessional or has a way too complex layout, your readers will find it too difficult to read. Moreover, if the design does not create a good first impression, your potential customers will be drawn away.
2. Forget your Blog’s Purpose
A blog should be used to establish you as an authority and expert in your field, helping you to drive more traffic to your website. If you forget this and you simply start to blog just for the sake of it, you are simply wasting your efforts.

3. Keeping It Too Personal
Another mistake many business owners make is transforming blogging into a personal marketing tool. They forget that each post should be addressed to the customers, in order to solve their problems or meet their needs. When writing new posts, try to be less personal and more professional, also focus less on your problems but more on your clients’ problems.

4. Straying from the Point
Each post should be to the point and concise, especially if you want better engagement and more consistent feedback from your blog’s readers. You might get distracted to stray from the point, especially if you need to cover a wider niche, such as health or money-making niches. You can literally talk for months, offering tips & tricks for businesses in the health or online businesses industries, and still find new things to discuss. Always write to the point and offer precise tips & tricks.

5. Neglecting the Blog
If you are a busy businessman, you may fall into this trap of neglecting your blog. It is better not to start a blog at all than to start it and then abandon your readers. Of course, none of these options are recommended. Find a half an hour each day to update your blog, post something new and answer your readers’ questions. If you do not have that time, hire an experienced writer to do that in your place.
Everyone can have a blog, but not everyone is capable is making the most out of its company blog. Avoid the 5 blogging mistakes listed above and you will certainly get the upper hand in your market.