3 Tips for Social Media in 2014 | 180fusion

Over the last decade, and particularly in the last five years, social media has completely changed the way that businesses interact with consumers. We used to sit at home of an evening and passively watch television advertisements, but the two way conversations of the social media world have turned passive consumers into active participants. We now expect to be able to ask questions to a customer support team on Twitter and to share our feelings about a particular product with our friends on Facebook. This is ultimately a positive thing for brands – if they use social media in the right say, they can inspire new levels of engagement and loyalty with consumers.

With so many companies using social media for engagement, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. How can your business use social media in 2014 to create true engagement?

1.     Start Using Video

Video is undoubtedly the content medium of the moment and any business that isn’t utilizing video within a social media campaign needs to start doing so in 2014. Billions of hours of video are watched on Youtube every single day, and this is because video is a more personal way of communicating a message. When we can see somebody’s facial expressions and have something explained “face to face” we are far more likely to make an investment — of time or of money. Many businesses are beginning to harness the power of video by communicating key messaging through video content posted on social media instead of text or image based messages.Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook offer organic integration of videos from Youtube so that when videos are shared they have the potential to go viral.

2.     Engage with Your Followers Every Day

In social media and in business generally, consistency is key to success. If you would like to generate a high number of followers then you have to make posts across various platforms every day, and your messaging has to have consistency. The world of social media is particularly fast paced. If a user is not online and checking Twitter at the time that you send out a Tweet, your messaging will be ignored. To reach the maximum number of people each day, you have to send out multiple messages, you have to make every message unique, and yet each message cannot be so wildly different that an audience feels confused. A group of followers engaged with every day are far more likely to be loyal to a brand in the long term.

 3.     Upgrade Your Social Media Analytics

Successful social media engagement is not all about the messaging that you produce — your reporting and analytics are extremely important too. As social media forms an increasingly important part of the business marketing function, more advanced analytics tools need to be deployed to determine which social media posts and platforms create engagement with your audience and which do not. Only with comprehensive reporting can you create social media content plans that will engage increasing numbers of followers.


Follow these simple rules and your social media accounts will grow in strength and influence over the next twelve months and beyond.