3 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Have you stopped to consider how much people look for products or services online? Think about the last time that you did it. Almost everyone has started to move towards shopping online. Most companies are starting to understand the value and opportunities of social media marketing, but there are several things that companies should keep in mind when navigating the social media mind field.  Below are a few tips which are sure to prove effective for your social media campaign:


  • Ensure that your profiles are consistent and remain always up to date.  Constantly monitor your social media pages to ensure that your information is always correct.  Did you recently change your phone number or email address?  If so, it is essential that this is updated on all of your different social media pages.
  • Post often and lure customers from one social media outlet to another.  Social media marketing is all about exposure.  If you post a huge sale on twitter, make sure that your Facebook users know about it as well.
  • Use giveaways to increase the number of fans and followers.  Depending on what your business offers to consumers, it may make sense to give away free products or services to increase your social media traffic.  This can create loyal followers and ultimately translate into big business. You will actually be making money with the many customers that you will attract.
  • Track where users are coming from on a daily basis.  Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to measuring traffic to your site.  You can quickly see where your web site visitors are coming from and how many of them are coming from various social networks.  It’s interesting to track your increase in traffic after a successful Facebook post or tweet.


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