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Voice Search is Changing Digital Marketing

Bing SEO searching and voice searching for SEOHow often have you consulted your personal digital assistant for answers, directions, etc.? Voice assistants are rapidly growing in popularity—voice/digital assistants include Apple’s “Siri”, Amazon’s “Alexa”, and Microsoft’s “Cortana”–Bing is the default search engine for Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. Bing has recently announced that 1/4th of search queries on their site are from voice search.

As a digital marketer, what does this mean for you?

When you perform a search query, how do you normally phrase it? If you are typing your query into a search engine, you are likely using some type of shorthand,. If you wanted to know the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, your query would likely say “Broncos quarterback”, or “Denver quarterback”. Something along those lines. However, when conducting a voice search, your query is more likely to be “who is the quarterback of the Denver Broncos?” Your search behavior is altered based on the means through which you search.

This shift in search queries means that targeting typical keywords of the past may not be as effective.
Say, for instance, you are a construction company in Boston. A common keyword may be “construction company Boston”, or “Boston construction company”. To adapt your keywords to something more voice-friendly, consider a voice control and mobile smart phones for SEOwhole sentence, or a cohesive sentence fragment: “construction company in Boston”. Using “filler words” like “to”, “in”, “for”, and “is” will make your results more voice search-friendly.

Google also recognizes the importance of voice search. Recently, Google’s Artificial Intelligence has been reading romance novels, which will help it better understand common conversational language and language conventions. In addition, Google is invested in machine learning, which is essentially programming a machine to learn and adapt to human voices–this will help it become more comfortable with conversational language. We know that Google is a leader in search engine and SEO trends–paying attention to what Google is doing, and their recommendations, can only be beneficial to your digital marketing efforts. If Google is moving toward voice search and AI technology, the time to adapt is now.


If you need more advice about SEO and adapting to these changes, contact the SEO professionals at 180fusion.

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Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa is Director of Internet Marketing at 180fusion, and oversees SEO, Local Search Marketing, PPC, Facebook Marketing, and Social Media campaigns for nearly 1,000 different businesses. With 6 years of industry experience to back him up, and an excellent leadership track record, Mike is responsible for crafting new client solution strategies to support ROI growth for all of our SMB and Enterprise clients. Mike is expressly concerned with helping augment ROI on business owners’ digital marketing investments, and create what he calls “shared wins.”

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