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Bing’s “Friend Effect” Brings Facebook Recommendations to Your Search Results

While Google has tried to make their own social network a couple of times (Wave and Buzz, anyone?), it looks as if Bing understands that it really can’t compete with the juggernaut that is Facebook, and has decided to actually work with them to help give their users more tailored search results.

According to their official announcement, what this does is use the likes and such made by your Facebook friends to show you what your friends like and share. For example, if you look up a television, you might see that one or two of your friends have liked the website that is selling it or the model of the TV itself. It also shows up for local map pages.

While I sometimes think Facebook can be a little intrusive, I have to admit that I think this is a great idea. Bing labels itself a “decision engine”, and part of making decisions is talking to your friends and family, so this seems like a logical, reasonable extension of that. To use this, you need to be logged in to both Bing and Facebook at the same time. I’m not seeing these in my own results, yet, (maybe they don’t like Opera), so I can’t comment on them directly, but it seems like a promising idea.

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