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Bing Updates Webmaster Tools

Bing Updates Webmaster ToolsAccording to Bing’s Webmaster Blog, they have added some new tools to their webmaster panel that will make it easier than ever before for webmasters to diagnose problems and manage how well Bing crawls their site. The first feature allows webmasters to control the speed at which Bing crawls (or indexes) their website, allowing for slower crawling during peak traffic hours and so on, which should help with web site speeds.

The next and possibly biggest feature is the Index Explorer. This allows webmasters to see how their site rates on freshness, performance, extensibility and gives information on detected failures, making it even easier for webmasters to diagnose issues. The final new feature is granting new users access to their tools using a verification code, making it easier for multiple webmasters to share the same data. This should help quite a lot of webmasters who are having issues with Bing.

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