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Brad Keys

As the Director of Sales at 180fusion, Brad Keys has lead the charge as being one of the top digital strategists at one of the top digital marketing agencies.  With a very strong digital marketing acumen that is ROI focused, Brad Keys continues to contribute and help businesses grow one tag at a time.
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Benefits of Using My Client Center

One of the many features of Google AdWords is My Client Center (MCC)—a user-friendly platform where agencies can manage multiple clients and their AdWords campaigns. MCC helps you stay organized as you manage your clients. You can see all relevant information in a single place. An organized account manager is a successful account manager, and […]

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PPC alternatives

Alternative PPC Networks

Google AdWords can be an incredibly helpful system for managing your PPC campaigns. However, there are several alternatives worth considering. If you find that Google AdWords just isn’t for you, you can easily choose a PPC alternative. -Yahoo! Bing: While this isn’t an exponentially less expensive alternative to Google AdWords, it was created with the […]

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SEO Search Word SEO metrics

SEO Performance Metrics

If you are running an SEO campaign for your first time, it can be difficult to know which SEO metrics are the most valuable, and which SEO metrics you should be meticulously tracking. Before you start tracking any metrics, it is critical to define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Which metrics will define the success […]

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10 Critical Questions to Ask an SEO Company

Searching for any kind of SEO or digital marketing agency can be intimidating. Not many businesses know exactly what SEO is, let alone the methods and intricacies behind successful SEO practices. Many SEO companies seem confident, as if they have all of the answers. But, they don’t have the answers. As a matter of a fact, […]

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