How You Can Resolve the Main Challenges of Making Your App a Success | 180fusion



Apps should be the main priority for businesses in all sectors. With mobile users now outweighing desktop users, it’s more critical than ever before to have a dedicated app, with 70% of top retailers already possessing them. They provide an ideal way to engage with customers, as they can aid in the offline shopping experience and provide engagement through entertainment.

Making your app a success isn’t easy. You need to get it discovered and then you need to present people with an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

In this guide, you are going to learn some of the ways in which you can resolve the challenges of making your app a success.

Driving App Discovery

According to statistics from Google, around 60% of apps in their store have never been downloaded. That means all that hard work has gone to waste. The scary thing is that many of these apps fulfill a need. The reason they haven’t been downloaded is because people can’t find them. They never managed to discover them.

One company that can help with this is 180fusion. By developing a dedicated app marketing campaign, customers most likely to be interested in your app will know that your app exists.

The key to app discovery is going to where your customers are and not relying on the idea that if you build it they will come. There’s no truth to this at all. An effective campaign will target users while they shop, surf, and chat on social media.

Encouraging Regular Engagement with Your App

For argument’s sake, you have successfully made it through the first challenge of getting people to find your app. You have a handful of downloads and things seem to be moving along. However, most of the people using your app are using it once then abandoning it. The ones that have used it more than once have abandoned the app after a month or so.

Look at the most successful apps, such as Facebook and Instagram. They are always found on mobile devices because the experience is different every time. They make a promise and they fulfill that promise. What the marketing campaigns say is precisely what you get time and time again when you download that app.

Granted, they are helped along by the fact that they are social apps and so the experience is guaranteed to be different every time, but this principle can still be applied to every industry.

Be proactive in your bid to bring people back to your app. Use remarketing lists and deep linking techniques in order to convince people that they have a reason to use the app. Too many organizations assume that once they get someone to download an app they never have to come back to it again.

Driving App Conversions

Believe it or not, the majority of revenue gained from apps doesn’t come from your ability to sell an app to someone. In fact, the majority of apps are now free. According to the latest statistics, over 90% of apps are free. It’s something that users have to come to expect.

Once someone has your app, you have an ideal outcome in mind. You may want them to sign up to something or you may want them to start making purchases. The goal of your app should be clearly set out from the start.

Everyone knows that the answer to app conversion is testing. You should have advanced app analytics software installed. It should be clear what every user is doing once they access your app. Only with this information can you make informed decisions about the future of your app.

What’s the Solution?

The solution to overcome these three major challenges is to have the backing of an organization that can help you meet your needs. In this case, 180fusion can help you develop an app that keeps people coming back for more, while making sure that you are targeting the right people in the first place.

But the solution to overcome these challenges remains the same for every industry. You need to innovate and you need to test. This is an ongoing process that will never stop because the moment you take your foot off the gas is the moment you start to see declining results.

How will you approach the development of your app today?