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Google Seminar Highlights 180fusion SEM Success

What Google Has To Say180fusion has been vetted by Google, and this is a company that has very good, strong, and clear business practices and has demonstrated increased account performance, and increased customer satisfaction.
~ Heather Wilburn, Founding Member of Google AdWords Team

Hear What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Professional SEO – 180fusion Testimonial

Anyone who is seriously trying to grow their business, you have to get your website optimized, you have to show up on the front page of Google, you gotta use 180fusion.
~ Jason Martinez, DJ Jason & Associates

Ecommerce SEO Testimonial

Since using 180fusion I get much more traffic, I get many more phone calls and I’m as busy as I could possibly want to be.
~ Dr. Doug Welpton, Psychiatrist

Ecommerce SEO Testimonial

Our Account Manager was really friendly and easy to get a hold of, it was like he almost was waiting for me to call him. He explained things in laymen’s terms, which a lot of SEO guys don’t do.

Having 180fusion handle our SEO definitely freed up our time, and they do what they say they’re going to do.
~ Josh Jennings, COO, WhiteyBoard

PPC Health Industry

When we first signed up with 180fusion, we were concerned with how much money we were going to spend on marketing. But within three weeks, it was so effective, we realized we weren’t going to have to spend marketing money elsewhere.
~ Ben Miller, Co-Founder of Advance Neurofeedback

Manufacturing PPC

With 180fusion we have seen a dramatic drop in our cost of acquisition online. It’s been very important for us because it helps us be more profitable. We have also seen our sales increase online.
~ Scott Wilson, President of NuvoH20

Medical Testimonial SEO

I’m not your average client, I know a lot about the web marketing space…but that being the case, 180fusion is a very solid organization. I find everyone I’ve worked with to be credible, diligent, and honest.

180fusion has helped us rank well, get quality leads, and very cost-effectively promote our services in a gigantic market where we have, in the past, spent a lot more to get the same number of perspective leads.
~ Dr. David Wallace, Medical Director, LA Sight

Working with a Google Partner has its advantages…180fusion has insights into new Google products and beta opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best support possible to their clients.

SEM Success

When we started with 180fusion, we started with PPC to get sales as fast as possible…but 180fusion has worked with us to develop a long term plan using SEO. With 180fusion, we’ve increased our sales by 75% and decreased our cost of ads by 96%.
~ Dylan Falk, Marketing for

Credit Card Processing Industry SEO and Reputation Mgmt

They have literally taken us from ground zero to the ability to now achieve tremendous amounts of sales from our online relationships, which really has been driven by 180fusion and their ability to do all of these various types of disciplines all in one house all with dedicated service and support people.
~ Eric Hannelius, President of Vision Payment Solutions

PPC for Non-profit Company

As a non-profit organization we do not always have the funds to have the best services available to us to design our website and to do our SEO the way we needed them to be done, so the Google Grant that 180fusion went out and got on our behalf was huge, it was just pivotal in changing our whole web presence.
~ Cathy Williams , COO, The Prostate Cancer Research Institute

180Fusion Customer Testimonial – SEO and PPC – Extole

I would definitely recommend 180fusion, I think they are a top notch vendor. They’ve been in the business for a long time and they have a great relationship with Google which really helps surpass some of those issues where you’re trying to contact a Google rep. We’ve seen great success with them.
~ Jen Leen, Director of Demand Generation, Extole

180Fusion PPC Testimonial

Since using 180fusion I have seen a better quality to the response that I get to my AdWords. I’m getting people who are specifically correct for what I do. My advertising budget has dropped because my internet effectiveness is greater.
~ Rabbi Bill Kurry ,

Real Estate Industry Local SEM

Online success for your business is real and it’s happening right now and as a partner at a firm it comes down to a choice you have to make whether you want to participate in it or not. Fortunately we’ve aligned ourselves with the right partnership with 180fusion and they’re navigating the waters for us beautifully.
~ Max Nelson, Senior Partner, Deasy/Penner & Partners

Auto Parts PPC & SEO

180fusion has freed up a lot of my personal time. I used to go home after working all day and have to research and work extra to do my search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. They have freed that up immensely and I definitely have more time to concentrate on my business.
~ Mark Higham, Owner,

Professional SEO – 180fusion Testimonial Wet Dog Media

I know that things are always changing in SEO and my team didn’t have the time to keep up. The team at 180fusion is an extremely valuable partner in my business success.
~ Matt Dieter , CEO, Wet Dog Media

Search Engine Marketing – SEO and PPC

180fusion has been able to deliver an online marketing strategy and results for early stage companies to acquire customers in a profitable way.
~Sudy Bharadwaj, Founder & CEOJackalope Jobs

180fusion is the best new Internet marketing [company] to get you found online. . .Check them out!
~Karly Steinberg, News DivisionTMZ

The Automotive industry is an extremely competitive online market, so we hired top tier firm- 180fusion. 180fusion exceeded expectations by delivering top SEO rankings for our major auto brands and launched a successful integrated paid search strategy to drive increased qualified traffic. Thank you to the entire 180fusion team for delivering amazing results.”
~Michael Laiacono, President, Classic 2 Current Fabrication

Working with 180fusion to optimize our Google Adwords campaigns and increase SEO has been a pleasure. We were independently running a variety of campaigns for multiple divisions within our company, and prior to partnering with 180 Fusion, it was becoming a very difficult aspect of the business to properly maintain. After partnering with 180fusion, we quickly saw our keyword spending drop and our traffic increase, along with an increase in online orders. The weekly reports and phone calls from our account manager are a great way to get quickly caught up on the progress that is being made to each Google Adwords campaign. We look forward to continued growth through our partnership with 180fusion.
~Rob Griffin, Director of Marketing and Design, NIC Industries

Great job on your efforts to get everything in line and CPA down to this level. We are all so busy running in sixteen different directions at all times during the work day that some of the most basic and important things get overlooked, such as THANK YOU, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.
~Blake B. Johnson, CEO, Prime Credit Experts

We are extremely pleased with the results and thought leadership from 180fusion. They not only have taken the time to understand our business, but have clearly demonstrated outstanding customer service and metrics driven approach. We are thrilled to now expand 180fusion SEO to our channel partners to get ranked on Google.
~Stephen White, CEO, Fidelis Screening Solutions

I think we often don’t hear from satisfied clients (congregants and wedding couples in my case) because they expect good honest service and should get it. Nevertheless, I must tell you what an excellent experience I had with 180fusion. I called 180fusion and your sales manager understood my needs and reacted immediately with a viable and reasonable solution. Next was Account Management. Brad was absolutely terrific and a pleasure to work with. He knew what to do, got it done, and was totally communicative during the entire process. He truly gained my full confidence and trust. I am more than happy to highly recommend 180fusion to anyone for internet marketing.
~Rabbi William Kurry, Owner, New York & New Jersey Interfaith Rabbi

180fusion team, I have truly enjoyed working with you. You are true professionals. I now have so much business that I am not taking on any new clients so you can end my paid search campaign but still rank on first page of Google for divorce lawyers in Austin, Texas market.
~David Moore, Partner, Law Office of David Moore

Selecting 180fusion, a blue chip internet marketing firm that not only understands the medical industry, but is devoted to growing our allergy practice, made this a no brainer decision.
~Dr. Summit ShahChief Medical OfficerPremier Allergy

We are very impressed. 180fusion’s combination of superior results and excellent customer service made them the clear winner to provide internet marketing services at the local and regional levels of our franchises across the U.S.
~Peggy Davis, CEO of LaVida Massage

180fusion has been able to help us grow our merchant base and brand awareness by generating top rankings for the most competitive keywords in the credit card industry. 180fusion not only did a full website optimization to improve conversions, but also took over when we were not ranked in the top 200. The organization has architected a complete set of Search Engine Marketing techniques at the local, national and global level. Due to the strong results, we have launched a strategic partnership to refer our large merchant base to 180fusion in a continued effort to support our merchants’ online sales growth
~Eric Hannelius, President and CEO, Vision Payment Solutions

Thanks 180fusion team! Great company! Shamans Market has significantly lowered our Cost Per Click on Google while increasing e-commerce sales by over 170% in the last quarter since 180fusion took over. With these results, I would gladly recommend the 180fusion team. Great partner for any company that needs to increase online sales and build a strong online presence!
~Bryan Bigelow, Shamans Market

180fusion has delivered stellar results by turning around our online presence since taking over our PPC Management and SEO strategy and execution. After trying with other vendors and not getting what was desired , we switched to 180fusion and are thrilled with how quickly we have obtained the #1 Ranking on Google for our top keyword in Mexico and has us also ranking for our other strategic markets in the United States. Most importantly, we now have an integrated search strategy that supports our valued brand as the leading international firm in our industry.
~Sarah McNeilly, Vice President, World Protection Group Inc.

Prior to 180fusion, advertising on Google AdWords for Pay Per Click was not profitable. My Ecommerce company was actually losing money in online marketing. Putting my trust in 180fusion to take over our PPC and SEO campaign has produced incredible results. 180fusion has lowered our paid search spend by 1/3, while increasing our sales by over 10x after just a few months of taking over the account! We have expanded our organic SEO campaign to get rankings along with expansion of PPC to continue to ramp up sales. Thank you 180fusion for all your help to grow our online business in a profitable way.
~Dylan Falk, Hutchings, President,

Thank you, 180fusion. Your professional conversation, your customer service skills, and your knowledge of what you do on Pay Per Click Management on Google, makes you an outstanding Account Management organization.
~Connie Payten, Owner, AVision Limousine Service

After an extensive evaluation of 6+ SEO Companies, we selected leading SEO company –180fusion. 180fusion demonstrated a proven track record of delivering top results and service that has set them apart. In addition, 180fusion displayed a strong understanding of our addressable market and the ability to provide value add in social media and conversion optimization as a strategic partner for internet marketing.
~Sarah Copping, Director, City of Buena Park, California and Orange County, California Welcome Center

Knowing that our company had an expert in my corner really freed up my time to focus on my core business. I know that things are always changing in SEO and my team didn’t have the time to keep up. The team at 180fusion was extremely valuable to my business success.
~Matt Dieter, President, Wet Dog Media

As an eCommerce company, search engine ranking is the life blood of my business. 180fusion got the results they promised on the most important keywords. They are very professional and provide transparency. My dedicated account manager is there when I have questions and is always providing great information. I highly recommend them to anyone serious about improving their search engine ranking.
~Jeff Schreiber, President, Hansen Wholesale

I just want to say thank you to 180fusion! You can rely on us to give wonderful testimonials should you need them–your SEO results speak for themselves. Thanks!
~Clare Turner, Owner, Virginia Chutney, Co.

Working with 180fusion made the process of crafting an Internet marketing plan one less thing to worry about. When we approached 180fusion, we were nowhere in the rankings and didn’t even show up in Google’s local results. 180fusion helped us achieve top rankings results, and our traffic has increased dramatically as a result month over month. Thanks to 180fusion, our small business is really taking off!
~Al Couvillion, President, Amazing Carpet Cleaners

The ability to target in my immediate area was very appealing. We’re seeing a definite upswing. We’re getting calls and have already gained a number of new clients for the upcoming tax season as a result. Thank you to 180fusion team and our account managers incredible marketing knowledge has made a tremendous impact in increasing our revenue!
~Ralph Cook, President, Account Ability

180fusion has helped my company achieve top rankings for some of my industries most competitive keywords. My site now ranks in top positions for words with millions of competing pages. Thank you!
~Karl Kolling, Owner, Dun Rite Carpet Cleaning

We are extremely happy with the results 180fusion has achieved for us in a short period of time. They clearly understand our business objectives and have consistently demonstrated their outstanding expertise in SEO, PPC, and Design. They are proactive, flexible and responsive to our needs. Their recommendations continue to develop and improve our online marketing initiatives to the level that we consider them an invaluable extension to our team.
~Jerry Cohen, President, Capital Business Solutions

180fusion not only created a beautiful and professional website for our company, but designed the site to increase conversions and search engine rankings. Its team of Search Engine Experts and Graphic Designers delivered on time and budget. I only wish I had come to them in the first place! Their service has been impeccable. Help with questions has always been there when needed. 180fusion has exceeded our expectations!
~Jason Young, VP Business Development, Beyond Media

Before we hired 180fusion, we discovered our site was not positioned well within the search engines. We talked with several SEO firms and found 180fusion’s straight forward approach and commitment to customer service quite appealing. There has since been a drastic increase in overall site traffic, and we are very pleased with 180fusion’s performance, commitment to results, and customer service.
~Christian A. Jimenez, President,

In addition to new design and optimization, we are ecstatic with the quick turnaround and high page rankings on Google.. We came to with a zero ranking from Google, and now, three months later, we are on page one or two in most all of our major keywords. To say we are satisfied would not be enough. Thank you 180fusion team, finding you was our top marketing decision this year!
~Rose March, Manager, March Remodeling

For my limo company, I went from a one man show to hiring several drivers over the last two years to the point now that we have more new business than we can actually service due to the power of SEO (being ranked organically) with the combination of Pay Per Click the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Search Engine Marketing is the best form of marketing for a small business owner- period!
~Dr Robert Cohen, Owner, Pacific Towncar Los Angeles

We’re very happy with 180fusion. Search Engine Marketing is key to our products’ success and 180fusion Account Management and team have been great at meeting our needs, and improving our bottom-line!
~Gail Hopley, Head of Marketing, Sonofresco

180fusion- I’m very impressed with your work as I’m on Google first page and top local ranking #1s after just 90 days. From having no rankings when I started, the page looks very nice now!! Just wanted to say thank-you!!
~Adrienn Zehr, Owner Salon Kitchener

180fusion has done a wonderful job to help our retail business increase site traffic and get our most important keywords the top rankings on Google. We have enjoyed working with their team and appreciate the strong SEO results.
~Stefan Craine, President, B-LAX, Inc.

180fusion has been outstanding at shaping our online presence. Being in the residential and commercial real estate market, we need to appeal to a specific demographic and geographic market. 180fusion understood this and executed to support our traffic needs for quality over just quantity.
~Josh Dworken, Managing Director, Horizon Hill Holdings

Congratulations on job well done. Everyone here at the office wants to thank 180fusion for doing a great job in getting our keywords on the first page of Google. It’s been a long road and a ton of work for everyone and you all deserve a high five for getting each of our keywords in top ranking positions in a short amount time. I know with diligent work ahead we will be able to stay on top.
~Rem Malloy, President, Italy 4 Real

I think your work has been outstanding. Please consider using us for a reference.
~Curt Cervney, Owner, Telephone Town Hall Meeting

180fusion exceeded my expectations. As a critical component to increasing sales and awareness, they delivered on my key performance indicators to drive new client revenue using Facebook and Google traffic.
~Courtney Johnson, President, Babies & Bundles

We have doubled our sales in January 2013 over 2012! We are thrilled and want to attribute the credit 100% entirely to the account manager’s efforts and the 180fusion team!
~Julie Ernst, Web Order Manager, Moose Mountain Trading Company

We put our trust in180fusion and the team has been successful in recovering our rankings that got hit by the Google Penguin update with white hat SEO . It is a refreshing approach of delivering full transparency to the SEO process while delivering improved results in just a few months.
~Charles Anderson, Managing Director, Prime Credit Experts

180fusion has brought more referrals to my practice in counseling by improving my Google Plus resence. My account manager advices me how to get reviews and assist me with links I can send to my clients to help them write reviews for me. He helps me interpret Google Analytics and learn how to get more people to visit my website for longer periods of time. More visitors phone me for appointments. My account manager is superb at what he does and I value my relationship with him. I highly recommend 180fusion.
~Dr. Doug Welpton, M.D., Managing Director, Dr. Welpton

180fusion has provided amazing attention to detail given to me by the sales consultant who I originally spoke to and who also served as a great representative of 180fusion. Since then Account Management and the 180fusion SEO Team have been amazing to work with and I’m not just saying that. They have been very attentive, responsive, helpful and have been providing me with great work and feedback. I consider myself very lucky to be working with your organization.
~Marc Lewandowski, LUTCF Financial Services Representative / Benefits Consultant, Planning Needs Financial Group

180fusion redesigned my business web site. I had an old website that was not converting for me. They took my old site and redesigned it to a very nice and professional site that is sure to convert. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff at 180fusion. I could not be happier with my new site. I also use 180fusion for SEO Services. I will be using them to build my social media business/facebook presence soon. I highly recommend this company to anybody seeking services they offer. Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did. Thanks again 180fusion for such a nice job.
~Sam Taylor, Owner

We’re so glad that 180fusion has created an optimized website for us that we can customize and maintain ourselves (even though we still sometimes ask you for help!).
~Oliver Turner, Owner, Virginia Chutney, Co.

180fusion went above and beyond to create a beautiful and professional search friendly website for my company. 180fusion is now leading all of our Social Media and Search Engine Marketing efforts. The 180 team has not only provided impeccable service, but top notch results.
~Forrest White, President, Bountiful Gardens

I want to thank you for doing such a great job on building my new website. I have been working on building my own site with a do it yourself company and just could not achieve the professional look I was going for. I was very reluctant to hire someone over the phone, and to try to communicate my ideas without personal contact, I was very surprised at the professional manner in which your whole staff treated me from the first phone call. Alicia & Chelsea were great to work with and very patient with the changes I made throughout the process. The follow up with Nick in the technical department and the personal tutorial on how to manage my website was just as professional. I am very pleased with the service and product I received from the 180 Fusion Team.
~Kevin Meade, Owner, California Craftsman Construction

180fusion not only created a beautiful and professional website for our company, but designed the site to increase conversions and search engine rankings. Its team of Search Engine Experts and Graphic Designers delivered on time and budget. I only wish I had come to them in the first place! Their service has been impeccable. Help with questions has always been there when needed. 180fusion has exceeded our expectations!
~Jason Young, VP Business Development, Beyond Media

As a small business owner selling e-commerce products, it was critical to have a website that would sell more product and create the right image to support us on the internet. 180fusion has managed to exceed my expectations. Every aspect pertaining to the creation of my site and the level of communication from my project manager was extremely professional and timely. I have already recommended your services to several other businesses. It was one of the best decisions I have made–thank you!!
~Florence Merceus, President, Flo’s Divas Closet

“We’re very happy with 180fusion. Search Engine Marketing is key to our products’ success and 180fusion Account Management and team have been great at meeting our needs, and improving our bottom-line!
~Gail Hopley, Head of Marketing, Sonofresco

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