Learn how 180Fusion can Help with Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube Advertising

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about your company. They talk to their, friends, families and neighbors. With more and more people moving to having all of their discussions online – it’s becoming increasingly critical for you to dominate that discussion, so that you can further your brand and protect your image.

While Facebook may be the juggernaut of social media sites, there are several other social media platforms that offer marketing and advertising opportunities, including Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Reddit and many more. While 180Fusion offers a fully-fledged Facebook marketing program in order to gain visibility for your products and services, we also value exposure on other social networks, as well, and therefore include services that cover Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Twitter is a much more simplistic social network than Facebook. Whereas Facebook has a built-in ad network to go along with profiles for your company, Twitter merely has updates. This presents a unique marketing challenge, one that we have mastered. 180Fusion can create a new Twitter account for your company, and manage it in order to gain followers. We can also maintain your existing Twitter account, if you have one. By generating interesting tweets and working with you on content, deals and so on, we can generate new followers to bring more eyes to your business.

LinkedIn is a bit more like Facebook, but with a business focus. Itt has both profiles you can create, as well as an internal ad network. At 180Fusion we will work with you to create a new LinkedIn profile, (or manage an existing one) and request followers so that more eyes see your goods and services. We will also manage your LinkedIn advertising campaign for a complete marketing package.

Finally, on YouTube, we will either create a new profile and manage it, or maintain an existing profile, aas well as work with you to create compelling videos that will generate buzz for your business. We will also work to create subscribers for your content, so that people will always know when you have new content to share with them.

As you can see, at 180Fusion we offer a full range of social media marketing services that cover all of the most popular social networks. If you want people talking about your products and to generate buzz, give 180Fusion a call today and see how we can help you flesh out your Internet marketing plan to include social networking. Our social media marketers will work with you to craft a strategy and a solution that fits your expectations and your budget.