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Guaranteed SEO – Value for Your Money

While most people understand that finding the best value for their money doesn’t always mean purchasing the cheapest service or item, it can be easy to forget when there are so many options available. SEO is no different. While there are many SEO companies around the globe, finding the best service does not necessarily mean finding the firm that offers the lowest price. One of the best characteristics to look for when trying to get the most out of your money when it comes to SEO is if the firm offers guaranteed SEO services.

What are Guaranteed SEO services?

Guaranteed SEO services are backed by a guarantee that varies among companies. While some companies may make it hard to understand what is actually being guaranteed, and confusing about the guarantee during the service period, 180Fusion offers a clear, concise, money-back guarantee. 180Fusion is a leader in the SEO industry and has received numerous awards, making us feel confident enough to offer your money back if outlined promises are not met. In most cases, keyword theme groups are purchased by the customer and 180Fusion promises to rank 30% of keywords per theme group on the 1st page of Google within a period of 6-8 months, depending on the competition levels of the keywords. If agreed parties meet all stipulations, and the specified number of keywords are not ranked in the guaranteed time period, the customer receives 100% of the money back enlisted in the efforts.

How do I know if the guarantee was met or not?

Clients receive reporting throughout the service period with details describing where the keywords are listed, what progress each keyword has made, and if a keyword has made it to the first page of Google. If you have any questions about your report, or about your guarantee, you can speak with your account manager who can explain the details of your campaign, progress and guarantee.

Is it possible to guarantee a certain position on the first page of Google?

After years of trying to understand how to rank pages in a way that is Google Webmaster approved, we feel comfortable and secure enough to guarantee first page rankings through white hat methods. However, no company can guarantee certain positions on the first page of Google because algorithms that rank a page change, and no one knows what they are and the exact workings to land a page on an exact place on the first page. We aim high, however, and our goal for every client is the top positions on the first page of a search result.

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