180Fusion Only Employs Ethical, White Hat SEO Services and Techniques

Since the beginning of what is now known as Search Engine Optimization back in the mid 1990’s, there has evolved two forms of SEO known as Black Hat and White Hat. This comes from the old trope used in Western movies and TV shows where the villain wore a black hat while the hero wore a white hat in order to make their alignment easy to see. The same is true of these two forms of SEO.

At its core, Black Hat SEO is about deceiving the search engines, while White Hat SEO is about working with them. We’ll first take a look at Black Hat SEO and tell you why at 180Fusion we’ve never prescribed to this school of thought.

Black Hat SEO is all about deceiving the search engines. This is done in a wide variety of ways, all of which can lead to being banned. This could be: use of hidden text, doorway pages, misdirected links, keyword stuffing or any other variety of methods geared at fooling the engines into giving people who use these methods higher rankings. Black Hat SEO doesn’t take the users into account, at all, something search engines are very adamant about. Search engines, especially Google, want websites to be made first, for their user and the search engine second. Black Hat SEO twists this around, which is why sites that employ such methods are usually banned and removed from the search engine index when they are finally caught.

White Hat SEO, on the other hand, is about working within search engine guidelines, using best practices for content, navigation and usability as well having unique, well written content created for the user and not just to stuff a ton of keywords into. White Hat SEO strives for ethical compliance with search engine guidelines, honesty with a website’s users, and integrity for a website’s own business.

At 180Fusion we employ only ethical White Hat SEO techniques in all of our practices, making everything visible, focused, honest and on the up-and-up. This way you can rest assured that not only will your website adhere to search engine guidelines, but also employ honest and ethical content, navigation and site usability elements as well. You can be sure that we, at 180Fusion, will employ no Black Hat or deceitful techniques in optimizing your website, and we will work with you to ensure that our optimization not only meet the high standards set by the search engines, but your standards as well.

If you are looking for an honest company that employs ethical White Hat SEO techniques in order to help their clients not only rank well, but to maintain honestly and integrity -contact 180Fusion today. We will help your website rise in the rankings the right way, with no gimmicks or tricks that might get you banned.

We know your website is important to you, and as our client, your trust is important to us.

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