Get a Brief Synopsis of the History of The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industry

As industries go, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a relatively new one. The term itself was believed to be coined around 1997, but the actual practice of optimizing websites for search engines began even before that, around 1995. In those days, search engines were pretty basic, and relied less on complex algorithms than they do today, if at all. Rather, they relied on what their search engine spiders (i.e. the bots search engines use to “crawl” the source code of a given site) saw in the source code and little else.

In the early days of SEO, all it really took to rank was to manipulate the spiders with enough keywords and links in your source code. It didn’t matter if the content was hidden or readable, or if it even made sense, just that it had plenty keywords in it. It also didn’t matter if you used tactics like doorway pages, false redirects and so on, these tactics worked, and they usually worked quickly. This was all to change, however, with the creation of the search engine that would come to dominate all others…Google.

Google was founded in the late 1990’s, and built on a mathematical algorithm that gave pages importance based on things such as incoming links, which you could see in a site’s “Page Rank”, an importance scale that goes from one to ten. As Google gained prominence, the nature of SEO began to change. Less attention was paid to on-site factors and more on link building.. Getting one link from a Page Rank 9 website might be all one needed to achieve great rankings.

Google then began to change the game, again, creating webmaster guidelines that stressed usability, content creation, relevance and much more. This means that the tactics used by SEO technicians had to change with the times. Before, having hidden text would be a surefire way to get rankings, now it was a near-surefire way to get banned. and Prior, you just needed a bunch of irrelevant links from good sources to rise in the ranks, but now links have to have relevancy in order to transfer their value over to your site. Of course, other search engines like Yahoo and what is now Bing began to follow suit in their own ways.

SEO is a very reactionary industry, and has been since the beginning. The search engines and the people that work there never tell us exactly what they’re doing (which in a way is a good thing, as people would use it to game the system), so we have to test, read official blogs, do surveys, scour news sources, and talk to other experts in order to keep abreast ofwhat’s going on in the industry.

The upside to this is that now there are many people who have years of experience in the SEO field ready to use their skills to help all kinds of businesses, small or large. At 180Fusion, we  employ  SEO experts in order to give you the best SEO experience possible, Call us today, to begin the conversation on how we’re going to grow your business online.

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