Learn How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Incorporates Content Writing, Link Building and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a rather new cottage industry that has only been around for over a decade, and is in constant flux to reflect the ever-changing nature of the search engines that search engine optimization professionals have to work with. As such, not a lot of people know what SEO is, or what goes into it, and it has a reputation of being something of a huckstering type of industry, built on misinformation and misdeeds. However, at 180Fuion, we believe in ethical and honest SEO practices. Good SEO practice is really based on good marketing practice, and like a lot of good marketing, results don’t come immediately, but rather over time and after much hard work.

What are some of the practices that goes into honest, White Hat SEO? There are many, including:

  • Good, readable content: Search engines, especially Google, care about whether the content on your pages is written for the user in a clear and human manner, rather than for the search engine’s benefit. An old saying in SEO is that “content is king”, and it still holds true. If you have good, reliable, authoritative content, the more likely the search engines will start to see you as an authority in your subject matter, and slowly increase your importance in their results pages over time.
  • Simple navigation: Many sites on the internet use fancy navigation techniques to help their users get around their websites, such as Flash or Javascript-based navigation methods. While these might look pretty, they’re actually less effective for SEO. You will also see many sites that simply use text as their navigational method of choice. Even the biggest sites, such as Facebook and Amazon, typically employ simple, text-based navigation to not only help their users get around, but the search engines easily find their content.
  • Relevant link building: Search engines care about the links being built (linked)to your site, and the best types of links to get are through people finding your content and products, then sharing it with their friends in the blogs and social media sites.

These are just some of the facets that go into a successful SEO campaign. If you’re wondering why you should use SEO, think of it this way. There are many ways to market your website, including traditional paid Internet advertising such as banners and search engine ads, as well as other forms of marketing such as radio, newspaper and TV spots. These are appealing because they can bring results quickly, while SEO takes time to generate results. However, SEO generates results in the long-term, by putting your keywords in the top pages in Google and keeping them there, where most people start and stop their searches.

There is nothing mystical, magical or mysterious about good, honest SEO. Again, it’s just good marketing practice, and a good SEO campaign should be a viable and important part of any Internet marketing plan. With enough time and hard work, a good SEO campaign can bring you in more leads and customers than any paid advertising, and without the ongoing costs of bids.

If you think your website is ready for an SEO makeover, give 180Fusion a call today and see what we can do for you.