Learn How Our Search Engine Optimization Experts Optimize for Google

Google is the top dog amongst search engines. With the largest market share and millions of visitors searching their expansive index each day, it’s little wonder why most companies focus on Google as their primary target for their SEO efforts. Google, in turn, has a whole series of webmaster guidelines that it wants website owners to adhere to in order to not only get good rankings, but not be banned from the index entirely.

What  are some of the basics one needs to know in order to have their site optimized for Google, and how do the SEO experts at 180Fusion help with this?

First, an on-site audit is completed, so that wecan tell you if you’re violating any of Google’s guidelines If you are already banned, we can likely find out why and work with you to fix the problem. Once a site audit has been completed, we will work with you to compile a strategy that adheres to Google’s guidelines and works to make you more important in their eyes.

Second, we begin creating and/or editing relevant content. Google loves content almost as much as it loves links (more on this in a moment), but it also loves content that is written for the user rather than the search engine itself. Our SEO experts can write well-written, targeted and aggressive SEO marketing copy, or edit your existing copy to be more SEO friendly, in order to make your website more appealing to Google.

Another thing Google really cares about is relevant links. The best type of linking is natural linking. Natural linking occurs when people find your excellent content or products, and link to them on their blogs or social networks in order to share them with their friends. At 180Fusion, we can’t replicate this exactly, but we will build you relevant links that give you more visibility and link power.

We could tell you more, but that would be too much, of course. If you like what you have read so far, we invite you to contact us and see how we can help optimize your website for Google in order to get you the best rankings possible.