Local Marketing Services along with Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Are you a local business with a brick and mortar location? Perhaps your business delivers some kind of mobile service to a local area…

At 180Fusion, we understand that not everyone has the marketing budget to run a full scale online marketing plan. Google Places is a solution for all local businesses to achieve great results, a high ROI and all at a very affordable price.

Once upon a time, marketing with the Yellow Pages was the cheap and easy way for local businesses to advertise and obtain new clients. That just isn’t the case, anymore. Google Places functions similarly to a Yellow Pages ad. With Yellow Pages, if you were on the first page under that letter with the biggest ad, you received the best results. Similarly, placing on the first page of search results with a Google Places listing will yield you the best results.

People often find themselves in the car or on vacation and in need of services or entertainment. No one leaves home without his or her Blackberry, iPhone or other smart phone. People use their phone everyday to find information. This makes your appearance in Google Places more important than ever, because that potential client knows that Google has already done all of the work for them. They have discovered a great company within the local area that will serve their needs.

Today’s information superhighway is just like the Interstate systems that replaced small two lane highways years ago. When the larger road bypassed a small town, many of the businesses in the small town did not survive. Location is everything and those businesses that were located on the new Interstate were the ones that thrived. Are you located on the Interstate?

The clear trend in marketing is a movement to Internet ads and the placement of your business on Google organic search results and Google Places. For less than a monthly car payment, you can be on the internet’s informational superhighway and on your way to incredible business growth.

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