Read about how our Search Engine Optimization Techniques and Consultants Helped our Clients achieve a Positive ROI

Case Study: CPR123

Type of Site:

Healthcare/ Education, CPR Courses and Certification

The Situation:

Before working with 180Fusion, CPR123 could not be found anywhere in the top 200 search results for any of their keywords. They had also originally focused their strategy in New York and were looking to expand to the competitive National market in an effort to generate more traffic.

The Solution:

CPR123 came to 180Fusion to help develop, and implement their new SEO strategy. 180Fusion used keyword research, and onsite and offsite optimization in an effort to make CPR123 more visible to the search engines. After only three months 180Fusion was able to get over 50% of their targeted keywords on the first page of Google.

The Results:

CPR123 has witnessed great results in their first 90 days with page one rankings for both local and national keywords and several top rankings in New York primary locale. In this time over 50% of their keywords have gone from not being in the top 200 search results to being on the first page. This increased search engine visibility will result in increased web traffic, ROI, and brand awareness, ultimately helping CPR123 to reach their goal of empowering more individuals and organizations with state-of-the-art emergency response training and affordable educational resources.

Case Study: Wet Dog Media- Women’s Running Magazine

Knowing that our company had an expert in my corner really freed up my time to focus on my core business. I know that things are always changing in SEO and my team didn’t have the time to keep up. The team at 180Fusion was extremely valuable to my business success.
- Matt Dieter , President ,
Wet Dog Media

Type of Site:

Media and Fitness Industry

The Situation:

When the client first came to 180Fusion they were looking to increase brand awareness, their magazine subscription base, and the participation in their marathon series. They had been looking for professional SEO services firm that would increase their rankings on Google for many relevant keywords and overall traffic across the web in addition to providing strategic marketing plan to attack an enormous addressable market.

The Solution:

After choosing 180Fusion for their professional SEO services, Women’s Running Magazine worked with a dedicated account manager who listened to what they were looking for. 180Fusion spent a lot of time learning about their business and giving strategic guidance on what keywords and marketing strategies would work best. Their account manager helped to continue to validate their go forward strategy and with a keen focus on ROI of their marketing campaign to hit monthly, quarterly and annual metrics. As of 2012, Women’s Running Magazine is the world’s largest women-specific running magazine.

Case Study: World Protection Group , Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA

Knowing that our company had an expert in my corner really freed up my time to focus on my core business. I know that things are always changing in SEO and my team didn’t have the time to keep up. The team at 180Fusion was extremely valuable to my business success.
- Sarah McNeilly, Vice President,
World Protection Group Inc.

Type of Site:

Lead generation site. The World Protection Group (WPG) is a leading full service, international firm specializing in all aspects of security with an emphasis on high end personal(B2C) and corporate clients (B2B).

The Situation:

WPG was running a Google Adwords PPC Campaign for some time but had very few clicks and fewer conversions. WPG also worked with a prior SEO company with the objective to rank on top of Google and their ranking started to tank this year with the Penguin Google Updates as the firm was not using white hat techniques. With that, WPG management team looked for a top tier Integrated Search company to outsource their PPC Management and SEO services that had a track record of getting sustainable results. 180Fusion was selected and took over the management of their AdWords account and their Organic SEO efforts. There were several key issues 180Fusion addressed:

• Many poorly chosen PPC keywords that did not provide highest qualified customer for niche market
• Poor Keyword Match Type selection in Adwords
• Paid Search Ads did not accurately express the company’s primary value proposition and offerings
• Evaluation of the landing page experience to effective convert both paid and unpaid web traffic
• Increasing amount of web traffic from organic rank positions with search engines for converting keywords

The Solution:

The PPC Results: Per the Google Adwords chart below (January 2012 – Present), since they started with 180Fusion Managed PPC (indicated by the green vertical line), their account has experienced a complete turnaround!

The blue line indicates the client’s Clicks and the red line indicates the number of Conversions that they’ve made.

180Fusion has multiplied their Paid Search conversions by six times and has decreased their average cost per conversion by 56%!

The SEO Results: Per the Google Analytics chart below (May 2012 – Present), since they started with 180Fusion SEO organic web marketing efforts (indicated by the green vertical line), their account has experienced a tremendous increase in traffic month over month in comparison to May 2011 – October 15, 2011.

The blue line indicates the web marketing traffic from May 1, 2012 to October 15, 2012 and the orange line indicates the web marketing traffic from May 1, 2011 to October 15, 2011.

During the last five and half months, we’ve been able to increase traffic by the following amounts per month over last year:

• June 2011 vs 2012 – 26.43% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
• July 2011 vs 2012 – 57.87% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
• August 2011 vs 2012 – 24.23% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
• September 2011 vs 2012 – 26.62% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
• October 15, 2011 vs 2012 – 72.55% Increase in Organic Web Traffic

Some of our most noteworthy accomplishments have been ranking a highly competitive keyword such as “Executive Protection Mexico” from position #59 on the 6th search page of Google to position #1 on the 1st search page of Google!

Case Study: Idalaw

As a law firm in a competitive market, it was critical that we partner with a leading SEO and Local Maps company to get us the top rankings . After evaluating the market, we chose 180Fusion and have been thrilled with the results of taking us from zero rankings to all first page rankings for the top keyword targets in market for our legal services. Thank you 180Fusion!

Type of Site:

Legal Services

The Situation:

When Idalaw came to 180Fusion they were not ranked at all for any competitive legal keywords and their site was not optimized.
In order to improve their search engine ranking, 180Fusion created articles and press releases that were submitted to a variety of locations online. Backlinks to the Idalaw site were also created. In addition to this, local listings were optimized to get Idalaw to the first page of Google Places.

The Results:

  • Idalaw is now seeing an increase in new clients and great validation online for credibility purposes with clients that have been referred to the firm.
  • Their SEO ranking report for the last 6 months shows how they have moved from not being ranked in the Top200 to being ranked within the top 10 for all keywords.
  • Idalaw has now reached the first page of Google Places in addition to organic rankings on the first page for the top 10 keywords in their local market within 6 months.
  • In addition, 180Fusion will be completing a site redesign, to further improve SEO and conversions.

Case Study: Amazing Carpet Cleaners

Working with 180Fusion made the process of crafting an Internet marketing plan one less thing to worry about. When we approached 180Fusion, we were nowhere in the rankings and didn’t even show up in Google’s local results. 180Fusion helped us achieve top rankings results, and our traffic has increased dramatically as a result month over month. Thanks to 180Fusion, our small business is really taking off!
- Al Couvillion, President,
Amazing Carpet Cleaners

Type of Site:

Carpet, Tile Grout, Marble Floor and Upholstery Cleaning, Polishing, Repairs

The Situation:

Amazing Carpet Cleaners didn’t have much in the way of a website or back links when they first signed up with 180Fusion, and they weren’t even anywhere to be found in Google’s local results when searching for carpet cleaners in the New Orleans and Los Angeles area. The management understood that they would need SEO Services and optimization of the site from an experienced team and time to gain top rankings in a highly competitive industry if they were going to meet the revenue goals of the business. By trusting 180Fusion’s talented team , the rankings of Amazing Carpet Cleaners steadily rose through the rankings to gain number one ranks on Google on many of their top keywords, as well as top placement in Google Places. This increased their qualified leads by 700% within 6 months, resulting in a substantial increase in new business and a positive ROI within just a few months.

The Results:

  • Achieved top ten rankings on over 75% of their targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Achieved first place rankings for four targeted geographically related keywords.
  • Achieved top placement in Google Places, dramatically increasing local traffic.
  • Increased amount of site pages indexed by Google.
  • Increased Alexa rank by nearly 200%.

Case Study: March Remodeling

In addition to new design and optimization, we are ecstatic with the quick turnaround and high page rankings on Google.. We came to with a zero ranking from Google, and now, three months later, we are on page one or two in most all of our major keywords. To say we are satisfied would not be enough. Thank you 180Fusion team, finding you was our top marketing decision this year!
- Rose March, Manager,
March Remodeling

Type of Site:

Home Remodeling and Construction

The Situation:

MarchRemodeling didn’t have an updated website that was search optimized and covered the full value of services it offered. While MarchRemodeling had the basic understanding of what was needed for design and keywords, they needed an expert design and search engine marketing team to implement it. Ultimately, they required a strategic partner that could help them reach the first pages of Google for competitive keywords and increase their overall site visits to grow the business in a down economy.

The Results:

  • Moved the site the first page rankings for highly competitive keywords. The top 4 out 6 keywords ranked on Google first page within 3 ½ months of starting the campaign.
  • Site visits up an average of 39% per day
  • Completed site Design and that was optimized for the search engines
  • Optimized pay per click program while achieving organic rankings
  • Supported on Google Places to get further visibility in Boston area

Case Study:

Before we hired 180Fusion, we discovered our site was not positioned well within the search engines. We talked with several SEO firms and found 180Fusion’s straight forward approach and commitment to customer service quite appealing. There has since been a drastic increase in overall site traffic, and we are very pleased with 180Fusion’s performance, commitment to results, and customer service.
- Christian A. Jimenez, President,

Type of Site: is a Travel Agency that specializes in Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Family Vacations and All-Inclusive Resorts.

The Situation: Travel Agency is a leading agency in Indianapolis, IN. Before 180Fusion, was not properly optimized for the most prominent, traffic rich phrases within its vertical market, and needed to grow its rankings to increase new business. An initial in-depth analysis by 180Fusion identified all obstacles preventing from performing higher within the search engines. A comprehensive SEO marketing strategy was executed to get the site to top ranking positions.

The Results:

BookitBabycom has experienced a significant ranking increase within the search engines since hiring 180Fusion.

  • The site now sits on the #1 spot at Google for 3 of the most competitive key phrases
  • Top 5 positioning across over 8 keywords.
  • The ROI was less than 90 days
  • Has increased traffic over 400% year to date.

Case Study: Kids’ Village

Type of Site:

Orem Private School

The Situation:

Orem Private school was not able to get beyond the second and third page organic rankings on Google to increase its online visibility in a competitive local market. It was important to increase the visibility to reach a broader pool of qualified students who’s parents were not aware of the private school in the state of Utah. The school has a high success rate of getting the parents to enroll their children when they take the time visit and do a tour of the school. Upon review, 180Fusion optimized the site for the search engines, made a stronger call to action, and had a dedicated SEO expert focused on increase the rankings for specific keywords and phrases.

The Results:

  • Increased the page rankings on the school’s Top 5 keywords. They move from all 2nd and 3rd page rankings on Google to #1 and #2 rankings on the first page on all five keywords.
  • Increased enrollment. This has also enabled the school to continue to hire the best in class teachers and improve the facilities to best support the student body.
  • Built significant awareness in the local market that has helped its reputation

Case Study: Capital Energy Solutions

My experience with 180Fusion has been fantastic. After just two months, my hits on organic searches had more than doubled. Within four months, five of the top keywords ranked on the first page of Google with 4 top placements. 180Fusion has been and continues to be the best marketing decision I have made for my company.
- Jerome Allen, Director,
Capital Energy Solutions

Type of Site:

Energy Consulting Company

The Situation:

Capital Energy Solutions wanted to increase its online visibility specifically on the East Coast in the Mid Atlantic Region which includes Maryland, D.C, and Virginia. Prior to working with 180Fusion, Capital Energy Solutions had little visibility on the search engines. Its main competitors dominated the search results for important industry terms in the region’s most lucrative target market.

The Results:

  • Increased the quality of leads from 1.4% conversion with direct mailing to a 23% conversion rate into actual customers from all their site leads
  • Increase of average order size by 14%
  • With #1 Rankings on Google, this has helped the company’s credibility in the local market while providing a competitive differentiator to win new accounts

Case Study: Blue Heron

We were very pleased with the amount of time that 180Fusion spent to evaluate and improve our PPC campaign. We worked closely with our account executive and learned a lot about the process of Search Engine Marketing and ways to improve our site through content changes. We had placed Google Ad Words directly in the past. This year, through our campaign with 180 Fusion and other online campaigns, we saw significant gains in traffic to our website that resulted in significant gains in sales. We are excited at the future growth for our online side of the business and the valuable lessons in SEO that we learned from 180Fusion.
- Alex Christopher, Sales & Marketing Manager,
Blue Heron French Cheese Company

The Business

The Blue Heron French Cheese Company is a very popular tourist destination on the Oregon Coast, celebrating over 30 years in business. They offer cheese and wine tasting, gourmet food, foodie gift baskets, decadent chocolates, a home-style deli and a petting farm. In recent years the Blue Heron has begun to focus more of their sales and marketing efforts to grow the gift basket side of their business. In late 2009, the Blue Heron redesigned their website to be more of an e-commerce site highlighting their gift baskets and the wide variety of gourmet food and wine they sell online.

The Challenge:

Blue Heron was promoting its products through PPC, but wanted to turn the click-thrus into more orders. Being ready for the holiday season was critical to take advantage of the Christmas and New Years rush for these gifts. In addition, without in-house expertise in SEO, they needed a team of experts to help generate improved Organic search traffic (SEO).

The Solution:

The result’s were significant from search engine marketing and optimization. Google organic search traffic to the site increased by 55% year over year! This has not only produced a positive ROI, but a new target market that will lead to repeat customers. In addition, with the understanding from 180fusion of how the search engine rankings work, the client is focused on continuing to improve content on the site.

Case Study: Capital Business Advisors

Since we started using 180Fusion last year for SEO and more recently for paid search engine leads, business has come “knocking” at our door again. With all the competition in the DC, MD, and NoVA market we have reestablished traction and gained separation from many of our competitors. The recession of the past five years is now a fading memory as business is roaring back. Great job team!
- Jerry Cohen, President,
Capital Business Advisors

Type of Site:

Business Brokerage. Connecting buyers and sellers of local and national businesses.

The Challenge:

180Fusion was appointed to develop the online marketing strategy as the company had used traditional offline marketing efforts in the past to gain new clients. Capital Business Advisors requirements were relatively straightforward but challenging in that the leads are about capturing qualified candidates that fit specific requirements; to improve natural search performance & results in order to drive more qualified traffic to their websites to generate business and revenue. They recognized the potential of a relationship with 180Fusion, as a specialist in search engine marketing with a strong track record of understanding the B2B industry while delivering results for leading players in the market .

The SEO/SEM challenge for 180Fusion was to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet local and regional requirements in a competitive environment while delivering qualified leads within the first 6 months in the DC metro geographic target that will drive ‘sell side’ opportunities.

Our Strategy:

Our SEO/PPC strategy was to break the 6 months down into two stages and achieve the following:

  • Client Business & Marketing Analysis
  • To identify proven, research based, keywords
  • Benchmark Reporting
  • Optimize Meta Data
  • Website Optimization for search engine success
  • Create 1 min video to increase conversions
  • Strong call to action for PPC
  • Develop ad copy focused on sell side deals
  • Strategically target Google Adwords for conversions (quality over quantity)
  • actical Link Building

The Results:

Since the project was established in August last year we have seen very positive results

  • Traffic from Natural Search increased by 646% from August to January
  • PPC has delivered a significant increase in form fills and qualified buyer and seller calls with the increased visibility on Google across MD, Northern Virginia and DC Metro area.
  • Keywords shot up from not being in top 200 to first page rankings in search results on the top search engine-Google within 4-6 months for the top 5 keywords.
  • Links and subsequent referring traffic has also increased which has helped credibility in the local market.

Case Study: Virginia Chutney, Co.

“I just want to say thank you to 180Fusion! You can rely on us to give wonderful testimonials should you need them–your SEO results speak for themselves. Thanks!” – Clare Turner, Owner

“We’re so glad that 180Fusion has created an optimized website for us that we can customize and maintain ourselves (even though we still sometimes ask you for help!).” – Oliver Turner, Owner

Type of Site:

E-commerce, Food Product

The Situation:

Virginia Chutney had a website, but it was difficult to navigate and make changes to promotions. It was not build optimized for top organic rankings on Google, but they needed to increase their exposure and increase their client base as the holidays approached. The 180Fusion Account Manager worked with them to understand their business and needs and determined that they would need a blended short term strategy to generate new sales immediately and long term online plan to scale for the future that included a new website, Pay Per Click campaigning, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

The Results:

  • Client achieved an 8.1% click through rate on their PPC campaign that increased both traffic and orders.
  • Client received 1st place rankings on Google for the top 10 competitive keywords in less than 4 months! Climbing the rankings increased traffic by 378% and had dramatic results on sales conversions.
  • Client tripled their number of Facebook fans within two months and have not only seen a significant uptick in new customers, but have improved brand loyalty and customer service with client base by ongoing “stickiness” with a well run social media campaign.
  • Client saw an increase in the follow through into sales on their newly designed website. Since the re-design, the client is now able to maintain their specials on their own and they now have an on-site blog to help with interest as well as SEO and a very nice recipe section to enhance the experience of their clients while using their product. Their order process is also more streamlined and we were able to assist them with a Quickbooks integration solution.

National Competitive SEO & PPC

The Client

Type of Site:

Extole is a leading technology company that enables brands to launch world-class referral marketing programs to drive customer acquisition and revenue through advocate recommendations.

The Situation:

Extole engaged the services of 180Fusion to help improve their SEO rankings for the most competitive keywords in their industry, as well as to improve the performance of their Google Adwords account. Through their thought leadership and previous SEO efforts, they had earned a handful of 1st and 2nd page positions on Google SERPs, but they were having difficulty moving existing 2nd page keywords to Page 1 and existing Page 1 keywords to the top half of the page.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion SEO team immediately began optimizing Extole’s website for maximum SEO impact, updating their meta-titles and descriptions, and rewriting all their content to ensure that the targeted keywords were adequately addressed in their site’s text content. A strategic link-building and content placement campaign was also undertaken to earn high-quality inbound links from authoritative sites across the internet.

The Results:

180Fusion’s SEO efforts were able to move 3 out of 5 targeted search phrases to the top half of the first page of Google Search Engine Rankings Positions within the first 3 months of service, with an additional keyword moved from Page 2 to Page 1 as well! This improvement in rankings led to an increase of non-branded search traffic of over 53%!

The results achieved by the 180Fusion Adwords team were every bit as significant, with Google Adwords Avg. Cost-per-Click, Total Conversions, and Cost-per-Conversion all being dramatically improved over 7 months of management:

  • Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 55%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 107%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 45%!

National Competitive SEO & PPC

The Client

Type of Site:

B2B Software Company (SaaS), offering email security service and software to large corporations. Their primary clients are Fortune 1000 companies.

The Situation: came to 180Fusion to solve a unique SEO problem: though they had worked directly with Google and Yahoo! in pioneering DMARC email security technology, they were having difficulty getting their website to show up organically on Page 1 of Google SERPs for DMARC-related keywords. Despite being an obvious authority on the subject and a premier provider of the technology for some of the world’s largest brands, they required professional assistance getting search engine algorithms to recognize them as such.

In addition, Agari sought 180Fusion’s expertise in managing their Adwords account, which had become unprofitable due to high click costs and keywords that were sending “non-buyer” traffic to the website, leading to a Cost-per-Lead of over $800!

The Solution:

The 180Fusion SEO team walked Agari through launching a brand new version of their website, ensuring that all previous pages were redirected properly, that the new website’s structure and content was optimized for maximum SEO value, and that there were relevant target pages for the many variants of DMARC-related search phrases. Additionally, strategic link building campaigns, outreach efforts, and editorial schedules were implemented to help them leverage their expertise and press coverage to assist their website’s organic rankings.

Simultaneously, the 180Fusion Adwords team began to trim waste from their Adwords account, expanding negative keywords, re-writing and split testing Ads, and implementing strategic bidding at the keyword level to give priority to high-performing keywords.

The Results:

180Fusion was able to push 7 out of the12 targeted search phrases to the first page of Google SERPs, which led to an increase of non-branded search traffic of over 86%in a matter of just 4 months!

Similar results were achieved in the Adwords account, with Conversion Rate, Total Conversions, and Cost-per-Conversion all being dramatically improved in just 90 days:

  • Conversion Rate – Increased by 466%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased 500%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 80%!

180Fusion has provided amazing attention to detail given to me by the sales consultant who I originally spoke to and who also served as a great representative of 180Fusion. Since then Account Management and the 180Fusion SEO Team have been amazing to work with and I’m not just saying that. They have been very attentive, responsive, helpful and have been providing me with great work and feedback. I consider myself very lucky to be working with your organization.”
~Marc Lewandowski Financial Services Representative / Benefits Consultant, Planning Needs Financial Group

The Automotive industry is an extremely competitive online market, so we hired top tier firm- 180Fusion. 180Fusion exceeded expectations by delivering top SEO rankings for our major auto brands and launched a successful integrated paid search strategy to drive increased qualified traffic. Thank you to the entire 180Fusion team for delivering amazing results.
~Michael Laiacono, President, Classic 2 Current Fabrication

180Fusion has helped my company achieve top rankings for some of my industries most competitive keywords. My site now ranks in top positions for words with millions of competing pages. Thank you!
~Karl Kolling, Owner, Dun Rite Carpet Cleaning

For my limo company, I went from a one man show to hiring several drivers over the last two years to the point now that we have more new business than we can actually service due to the power of SEO (being ranked organically) with the combination of Pay Per Click the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Search Engine Marketing is the best form of marketing for a small business owner- period!
~Dr Robert Cohen, Owner, Pacific Towncar Los Angeles

180Fusion- I’m very impressed with your work as I’m on Google first page and #1 top local rankings after just 90 days. From having no rankings when I started, the page looks very nice now!! Just wanted to say thank-you!!

~ Adrienn Zehr, Owner Salon Kitchener

As an eCommerce company, search engine ranking is the life blood of my business. 180Fusion got the results they promised on the most important keywords. They are very professional and provide transparency. My dedicated account manager is there when I have questions and is always providing great information. I highly recommend them to anyone serious about improving their search engine ranking.

~Jeff Schreiber, President, Hansen Wholesale

180Fusion has done a wonderful job to help our retail business increase site traffic and get our most important keywords the top rankings on Google. We have enjoyed working with their team and appreciate the strong SEO results.

~Stefan Craine, President, B-LAX, Inc.

Congratulations on job well done. Everyone here at the office wants to thank 180Fusion for doing a great job in getting our keywords on the first page of Google. It’s been a long road and a ton of work for everyone and you all deserve a high five for getting each of our keywords in top ranking positions in a short amount time. I know with diligent work ahead we will be able to stay on top.

~Rem Malloy, President, Italy 4 Real

We have doubled our sales in January 2013 over 2012! We are thrilled and want to attribute the credit 100% entirely to the account manager’s efforts and the 180Fusion team!

~Julie Ernst, Web Order Manager, Moose Mountain Trading Company

I think your work has been outstanding!

~Curt Cerveny, Owner, Telephone Town Hall Meeting

180Fusion has been outstanding at shaping our online presence. Being in the residential and commercial real estate market, we need to appeal to a specific demographic and geographic market. 180Fusion understood this and executed to support our traffic needs for quality over just quantity.

~Josh Dworken, Managing Director, Horizon Hill Holdings

We put our trust in180Fusion and the team has been successful in recovering our rankings that got hit by the Google Penguin update with white hat SEO . It is a refreshing approach of delivering full transparency to the SEO process while delivering improved results in just a few months.
~Charles Anderson, Managing Director, Prime Credit Experts